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August 9th, 2017 / By: / Uncategorized

Dear MFA Member:
The Marine Fabricators Association’s nominations committee met on July 18th to review nominations for this year’s MFA Advisory Board election. I am pleased to announce, on the Committee’s behalf, that the following nominees are being recommended for the positions that are becoming available in September:

Director / Serving 1st Three-Year Term

  • Buddy Sliva, Herculite Products Inc.
  • Derek Robinson, Glen Raven Custom Fabrics

Director / Serving 2nd Three-Year Term

  • Keith Purves, MFC, Trivantage LLC
  • Rob Kotowski, Lake Shore Boat Top Company, Inc.

The Committee thoughtfully reviewed the qualifications of all applicants. Every attempt was made to select individuals who could provide a spectrum of representation on the advisory board including size of company and experience with association or industry issues.

During the forthcoming 30 days, if no comments (limited to one per voting member) are received, I am authorized by the MFA Operating Guidelines to place a unanimous vote for the candidates recommended by the MFA Nominations Committee. If, however, comments are made, an electronic ballot will be sent out onSeptember 4, 2017 to all voting members for consideration.


Christine Gerard

Division Supervisor