Would you like to be a speaker at the Marine Fabricators Conference? This is your opportunity to share your expertise with industry colleagues. In addition, speakers receive a complimentary registration to the conference.

Submissions are now CLOSED. Submitors will receive a response by July 1, following committee review.

Relevance | does this fit the attendee interests and conference goals
Originality | how frequently/recently has this topic been addressed
Value | can this information be used by the attendee after the conference
Format | is this a hands-on demo or a standard presentation with slides

Preferred Topics (Special consideration during the review for proposals on these topics)
The committee is specifically looking for the following topics and formats:
Hands-On Demonstrations: Any upholstery topic, T-tops – lacing versus banded, how to sew a product/live sewing demonstration.
Patterning: Any traditional and/or digital topic.
Business: Business Management, legal topics, emergency preparedness, training new employees, curb appeal and selling yourself.
Window Products: Using different types of window products and choosing the best product for your customer.

May 15, 2021 – Submissions are due – committee review begins
July 1, 2021 – Reviews complete / Results released to submitors

Submitting a proposal does not guarantee a spot as a speaker during Marine Fabricators Conference 2022.