The boat design process is a lengthy one

September 7, 2018

Photo: Marquis-Larson Boat Group According to Sam Shimanek, a designer at Marquis-Larson Boat Group in Pulaski, Wis., there are some years the company doesn’t undergo model year changes. When it does, the process usually starts about six months in advance. “The first few months are getting design ideas drawn up,”

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Fabricators can nudge boat owners toward a newer look

September 5, 2018

Photo: Design Techniques LLC Boat owners may upgrade because of innovations they’re seeing on new boats just hitting the water. But sometimes boat components wear out and need to be replaced. That’s where fabricators can play a role in steering their customers to an updated look for their vessels. “The

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Makerspaces offer work-based learning for students

April 10, 2018

The CCC Maker Initiative, administered by Sierra College ( in Rocklin, California, is offering internships and work-based learning experiences for students through 24 California Community College makerspaces, where students gain technical, entrepreneurial and work-ready skills sought by employers. California Community Colleges participating in the CCC Maker ( initiative to build

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On the horizon for marine tension shades

March 13, 2018

Canvas shops around the country have seen an increase in demand for tension shades versus fixed-frame structures such as biminis. Boat owners like sun protection with less obstructive framing and the modern look of shade sails. Fabricators who have been installing tension shades are already looking at where the market

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2018 MFA Fabrication Excellence Awards

March 1, 2018

Sponsored by the Marine Fabricators Association (MFA), the Fabrication Excellence Awards contest is designed to recognize excellence in marine fabrication. The entries are displayed throughout the MFA’s Marine Fabricators Conference and are judged by a panel of certified marine professionals. Awards of Excellence and Outstanding Achievement Awards are given in

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Saving the domestic industrial sewing work force

February 20, 2018

Reposted from Industrial sewing has reached a critical point. An aging workforce combined with a lack of incoming talent has created a worker shortage that threatens to shutter long-standing American businesses and stifle growth in a billion-dollar industry. We spoke with someone on the front lines of the battle to

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