Company: Cape Canvas & Rigging Service

Project Details

Name: 55 Buddy Davis Right Enclosure
Location: West Yarmouth, MA

Project Description

This restoration required maximize visibility. Special attentions was made around the tubing, it had to be gasket-ed and nested around the tubing for a complete water tight enclosure. The customer also need to easily access the outriggers without much of a hassle. Velstick and Velcro were added to the bottom of enclosure to prevent any flogging from happening while cruising at high speeds. A short but very long vent flap had to be added to the front of the enclosure to let air in.


Designer: Richie Gannon, Cape Canvas & Rigging
Fabricator: Richie Gannon & Katherine Stanton, Cape Canvas & Rigging
Project Manager: Katherine Stanton, Cape Canvas & Rigging
Installers: Richie Gannon & Katherin Stanton, Cape Canvas & Rigging


  • Stamoid Open by Ferrari S.A. from Bainbridge International EZ2CY