Company: Canvas Experts

Project Details

Name: Wanted Racing
Location: Ocean City, MD

Project Description

The cover is made in two sections—a forward section, which has the forward deck of the boat and free board, and the forward hull section. The aft section comprises the canopy cover and aft deck, air-intake covers, rear view mirror covers and side freeboard. The complexity of the cover started with the canopy section. When we fit the section, we had 12 patterns and four window panel sections. After drawing out the patterns, we connected six of them so that we ended up with six instead of 12. After the canopy section was installed, we patterned the entire boat. It took a week to make each section.


Designer: Canvas Experts Team, Canvas Experts Inc.
Fabricators: Dale Tingle Wise, Canvas Experts Inc.
Graphics: Dale Tingle Wise, Canvas Experts Inc.
Installer: Justin Huggans & Michael Varga, Canvas Experts Inc.


  • Sattler Trio Black
  • YKK Canada Powderbake Sliders
  • Sattler Gottschalk 314-030
  • Menax Fasteners
  • Solfix Translucent and Black 3000 Denier
  • Stimpson Grommets #5
  • YKK Vislon #10 Zippers