Thursday, February 18

5 - 6:30pm Meet and Greet

Friday, February 19

8 - 8:50am Coffee/Breakfast & Networking
9 - 9:55am

Discover a variety of special tools and attachments used to enhance and expedite the production of marine canvas products. Key takeaways include:
• Custom tools for enclosure parts
• Various hand tools to save time.
• Different methods of finishing parts.
• Patterns and the advantage of saving them.
• Sewing machine improvements that improve sewing skills.

10 - 10:55am

Learn about the when, if and how to utilize solar and wind on a vessel, battery/energy storage limitations, connection issues including best practices, but also liability coverage. Also covered will be what solar/wind “”can do”” and as importantly, “”cannot do”” on most vessels (e.g. not feasible for “”most vessels”” to have air condition on all night powered by solar/wind).
Dr. Martin’s academic training and real-life work with small companies implementing sustainable power, come together in this down to earth presentation. Additionally, a small working tabletop “”balance of system”” (solar, charge controller, battery, inverter) will be available to show how the entire system works.

11 - 11:55am

What is a digital job board, and why even bother? A digital job board is a way to organize and display jobs so that you can streamline your shop and escape the chaos! Find out if you are ready to get started, as we follow a simple workflow from start to finish, dig into the details of a complicated job, and discuss how to implement a digital job board to maximize your throughput.

Noon - 1:30pm Lunch and Tabletops Exhibits
1:35 - 2:40pm

Step-by-step methods for fabricating a U-Zip with a built-in rain flap on an enclosure and how to create a sales kit of samples to upsell enclosure panels.

2:45 - 3:45 pm

The session will cover best practices and what to take into consideration when costing a job.

4 - 5 pm Roundtable Discussion

*Schedule subject to change.